The Futures AM1 FG Control Series Tri Fin Set is a super drivey fin. It comes with a ride number of 3.0 out of 10. This means it’s stiff so you get speed with control. It channels the wave power. There’s minimal flex so you get projection and drive. This is the stiffest AM1. The AM1 template has a wider base with smaller tip. The base gives you hold as you drive into your bottom turn. The tip gives you release as you come off the top. This fin has a range of applications. For Smaller surfers it’s ideal in big waves where you need to control the power and still carve. For Medium and Larger surfers it gives control in smaller punchy waves and will still hold in bigger fuller waves.

Construction is of fibreglass with Futures new tech reducing weight. The fibreglass construction is also positive for reef breaks where the fin can take its share of hits. It is recommended for medium surfers. So this means surfers in the 65-88kg range. The fins feature the Futures Truss Base so they are light. Designed to break under impact the truss reduces the risk of injury or board damage. The AM1 is named for Al Merrick, one of the world’s great shapers, long-time shaper for Kelly Slater. So this is a fin with proven performance. To find out more on how Futures can power your surfing check here: Future fins – Surf Better

Specs are as follows: Side Fins- Height: 4.50″ Base: 4.50″ Area: 14.84″ Foil: V2 Center Fin- Height: 4.29″ Base: 4.31″ Area: 13.35″ Foil: Symmetrical              


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