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7S - Double Down CV

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7S - Double Down CV

Regular Price: $695.00

Special Price $599.00

Regular Price: $695.00

Special Price $599.00

Regular Price: $695.00

Special Price $599.00

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The 7S Double Down aims to increase your wave count and enhance your small wave repertoire by offering the paddle advantages of high volume mixed into a stable yet responsive hybrid design that can be ridden much shorter than a standard surfboard. 

OUTLINE: The nose and tail dimensions at 12” are the same, creating a parallel rail-line through the middle. This translates to a bigger planing zone and a larger sweet spot. The full nose further adds to the stability, and the ‘Corner Round’ tail allows the width to extend further back, while still getting the smoother transitions between turns that a round tail is famous for.

ROCKER: With an emphasis on smaller conditions, flat equals flow in this surfboard. Currently the flattest board in the 7S range, and for that reason it will slide into waves with ease and maintain its speed over dead sections with minimal effort. Slight lift in the nose and tail will satisfy the more experienced riders looking for a summer groveller. 

CONTOURS: Subtle yet effective, the slight concave up front creates lift when taking off, then a double concave starting in the mid zone leads into a shallow rolled vee off the tail. This allows the board maintain its speed in softer waves, yet provides a nice balance of control versus turning ability once your back foot is positioned closer towards the tail.

PERFORMANCE: Think summer beach breaks or soft point waves where you need a board with enough foam to get you going, but won’t restrict how you want to perform on a wave. The Double Down is best surfed off the tail, and because of its volume and shorter dimensions, the pendulum weight of a longer board is eliminated making turning super easy. This one will shorten the learning curve for novice riders, but will also appeal to more experienced surfers as great small wave performer.


5'2'' 19 3/4'' 2 1/4'' 25.50
5'4'' 20'' 2 5/16'' 27.20
5'6'' 20 1/4'' 2 3/8'' 29.25
5'8'' 20 1/2'' 2 1/2'' 32.00
5'10'' 20 3/4'' 2 5/8'' 34.80
6'0'' 21'' 2 3/4'' 37.80
6'2'' 21 1/4'' 2 7/8'' 40.90
6'4'' 21 1/2'' 3'' 44.10
6'6" 21 3/4" 3 1/16" 46.70
6'8" 22" 3 1/8" 49.25

If you have any questions on this board feel free to give us a call in store on 02 43965159 or email customerservice@beachinsurf.com.au

Want a different spray or other dimensions? Email us at customerservice@beachinsurf.com.au

Please note that this board may be custom ordered and made for you, depending on availability. Email customerservice@beachinsurf.com.au for any enquiries. Order times will vary from 3-6 weeks depending on the shaper.

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