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  • What Type of Wetsuit Should I Buy?

    Wetsuits can be bought with a few different purposes and seasons in mind.
    In order to make your surfing experience a more pleasant one, then choosing the right wetsuit is just about as important as choosing your actual surfboard.
    Here are some important factors to consider when buying the right wetsuit before catching any waves.

    How does a [...]

  • Longboards VS Shortboards - Pros & Cons

    If you are a beginner at surfing, you may have one question in mind: What is the difference between a longboard and shortboard?
    Differentiating between the two is important when learning to surf. Longboards and shortboards have their own advantages and disadvantages.
    It’s important to remember that surfing is a progression and there are many [...]

  • Know What to Buy in the Surf Shop - Differences of a Surfboard from a Shortboard

    Ahoy all the amateur surfers out there! Are you still not confident about how to choose a surfboard or a shortboard? Have you been told a lot of pros and cons about both boards and are really confused about what to do?
    Don’t worry, if you keep reading this piece of advice, you will surely be [...]

  • Different Types Of Surfing Boards You Will Find At A Local Surf Shop

    If you are ready to start learning how to ride on a surfboard, one of the most important decisions that you can make is choosing the best board for you to use. Although most people do not know that there are a wide variety of surfboards, the one that you end up choosing is going [...]

  • Winter is coming and welcome to our first BLOG

    Winter is coming and we have got you covered.
    Use your Beachin Rewards points to save even more money and gain more points while your shopping. The worlds most generous rewards system.
    Winter is coming and Beachin Surf can give you the edge with fashion deals, warm when it's cold wetsuit or new surfboards direct from the [...]