The new Junior 2.0 earplugs include all the tech developments from our SurfEars 3.0 earplugs to make them more comfortable, better fitting and easier to use. The plugs are designed to help prevent common problems like swimmers ear, surfers ear (exostosis) and regular ear infections. 


“I wish I had plugs like this when I was a grom,” says pro surfer and SurfEars ambassador Conner Coffin. “If there was something around that I actually wanted to use, I wouldn’t have the problems I now have with my own ears. I’d for sure encourage any kids and parents to make them an essential part of their surfing set up.”

The improvements to the SurfEars JUNIOR earplugs include…


The JUNIOR 2.0 has been redesigned to fit and feel better in the ear. There’s now an asymmetrical design for left & right ears. The sound canal points both forward and upwards, creating a more natural fit. 


Two interchangeable silicone tips come in the one pack, meaning they can be fitted better to smaller or larger ears. Better yet, as groms grow they can move from the smaller tips to the larger ones, getting longer life from the one set of plugs. (Fits most kids ages 5-12).


The silicone tips have been redesigned to achieve a better seal while also increasing wearing comfort. They are thinner, softer, and conform to the shape of the ear more easily. 


JUNIOR 2.0 has a better acoustic performance, thanks to a larger active mesh area which lets in sound without letting in water. The groms can claim their last ‘sick barrel’ to all their mates while feeling like they’re being heard and hearing the responses. 


The necklace keeper for the plugs has been adjusted for quicker and easier attachment. Just like the adult’s plugs, the ears are now colour-coded too, making it easier to remember to put the right plug in the right (or left) ear. 


SurfEars JUNIOR 2.0 comes with a high-quality silicone pouch that helps store the plugs safely and hygienically. There’s even a carabiner clip on top making it easy to attach inside backpacks so things don’t get lost. 


The packaging has been reduced to a bare minimum, using recycled paper and vegetable ink for minimal carbon footprint. A better way to ensure our planet stays cleaner for the groms as they grow.

All of this amounts to an easier way to ensure the kids avoid the need for potential ear surgery for surfer’s ear later in life, as well as reducing the chance of frequent ear infections, which could keep them out of the water. Funner times. Safer times. For longer.




Natural & Organic Skin Care

Since 1921

How to care for our deep roots?

Back in 1921 a philosophy was founded by Dr Rudolf Steiner, who sees the human body, mind, and spirit holistically. Steiner believed natural ingredients provide our bodies needs to be vibrant, beautiful, and healthy.

Weleda is a global leader for certified natural and organic skin care and anthroposophical medicines.

Always Natural

Weleda skin care is 100% certified natural and 81% of plant ingredients are classified as organic or biodynamic quality.

  • Authentic
  • Highest Quality
  • Natural & organic sourced ingredients
  • Biodiversity protection & sustainability
  • Fair trade & ethical

(Direct from the Weleda Catalogue)

At Beachin Surf we sell sustainable and ethically thought the business of Weleda. Here are some of the products we keep in stock;

  • Skin Food 48029
  • Moisture Cream for Men 48032
  • Nappy Change Cream 48031
  • Baby Teething Powder 48030
  • 24hr Roll-On Deodorant 49060

How Do Surfers Manage To Stay Ahead of The Wave?

How Surfers Stay Ahead Wave

If you already know how to paddle out to sea, how to catch a wave and how to stay on top of your surfboard, the only thing left to learn is how to stay ahead of the wave. Although it may seem easy when you look at other surfers doing it or watch videos on YouTube, it’s actually much more challenging and tricky than that. 

Your main objective as a beginner should be to learn how to surf along the front face of the closest wave to the shore, getting the longest possible ride while maintaining a reasonable speed. This is what you should aim for! So, onto the big question – what do surfers do to stay ahead of the wave?

Planning And Preparation

Professional surfers don’t just run straight to the beach, jump into the water and start paddling without knowing what they are going to do once they are actually out there in the ocean. Any professional surfer can tell you that surfing requires some form of planning and preparation in order to achieve success, especially if you are new at this sport. 

How Surfers Stay Ahead Wave

With that said, it is very important that you think before you start paddling out to sea! Take some time to establish which direction you will be swimming to so as to catch an oncoming wave. Knowing and predicting the behaviour of waves takes time and practice. How you approach your drop-in will be influenced by the type of wave you are riding. 

Let’s take a look now at what type of waves there are and the best approach to use for each one:

1. Rolling Waves

These are the most common waves on beaches, and the most popular waves among surfers. These waves break evenly in a predictable pattern. Rolling waves mostly occur on flat and sandy beaches. Rolling waves can be both small and large (going up to 5-6 metres high) depending on your surfing location.

2. Dumping Waves

Dumping waves are less predictable than rolling waves. These waves are caused by a sudden change in the topography of the shoreline. An underwater mountain or cliff can create dumping waves. These waves are reserved for pro surfers because they can be very dangerous. Dumping waves can throw surfers deep into the water with great force.

Dumping waves can also be caused by point breaks and reef breaks which are basically changes in movement of water caused by rocks, corals and reefs.

3. Surging Waves

These are the most dangerous waves and commonly occur on rocky shorelines and beaches. These are not to be messed with!

How Surfers Stay Ahead Wave

Catching Waves

If you are surfing a typical rolling wave, you should start angling to the left or right as soon as you start paddling. It’s advisable to angle mid-face in order to use the wave’s energy to propel yourself forward and stay ahead of the wave.

On the other hand, if you are surfing a more vertical or bigger wave, you should face forward and catch the wave before angling in order to avoid digging a front (nose) or side (rail) and thus falling during the drop.

Staying Ahead Of The Wave

Staying ahead of the wave is relatively easy. While maintaining a low centre of gravity (bend your legs at the knees) lean your body weight towards the face of the wave while keeping your body centred over the midpoint of your surfboard. This will propel the side of your board into the water, cutting the water, and directing your surfboard to your desired direction.

Always remember to keep your eyes focused on the direction you are going. Don’t look anywhere else as this may disorient you and cause you to plunge into the water without notice. Finally, leaning slightly with your front foot will give you better manoeuvrability and control as you surf.

Final Thoughts

At Beachin Surf, you can find a large range of online surfboards and surf accessories for beginners right through to the pros. Alternatively, please feel free to come and visit our shop at 262 Maine Road, Toukley, NSW. We are happy to show you around and assist you in finding whatever you need for a better surfing experience.

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Best Surfboard Wax To Buy From An Online Surf Shop

Best Surfboard Wax Buy Online Surf Shop

If you have been catching waves for some time, you definitely know that surfing is extremely fun and enjoyable. However, if you are new to surfing, you are probably eager to learn everything there is to know about surfing. 

Surfing may not be as simple as you think. It’s not just about getting a surfboard and diving into the water. There are so many other considerations you need to make like what to wear, what kind of board to use and what brand of surfboard wax to get. In this short read, we will look at how to get the best surfboard wax from an online surf shop.

Online Shopping

Like any other online shopping experience, shopping for surfing gear and accessories may seem challenging at first. For starters, you may not know where to begin your search. Have you used an online surf shop before? Are they reliable? Do they have the particular products and brands you are looking for?

These are just some of the questions that may arise when shopping for surfing supplies on the internet. However, there is no need to worry as finding the right products and brands is not so difficult.

Best Surfboard Wax Buy Online Surf Shop

Importance Of Getting The Right Wax

By now, you may be wondering, is surfboard wax really all that important? Do you even need it, to begin with? Again, you may argue that many surfers just use what they can find. However, it’s important to note that surf wax has a significant impact on your overall surfing experience.

Because waxes are formulated and manufactured differently, and with different materials, not every product you will find on the internet is right for you. The right wax can help you slice through the waves and stay upright the entire time. This is why you should strive to find a brand that works best for you and meet your specific needs. Luckily, this quick guide is here to help you.

Popular Surfboard Wax Brands

  • MR ZOG’s Original Sex Wax

Another popular surfboard wax you will find on online surf shops is Zog’s Original Sexwax. This wax brand not only has a catchy name but a good reputation to back it up. This is a multi-purpose, warm-water surf wax that can be used as a topcoat or base coat. The wax is easy to apply and remove which makes it perfect for both beginner and pro surfers. Zog’s surf waw is also very durable. It’s available in pineapple, strawberry or coconut scents so you are definitely spoiled for choice.

Best Surfboard Wax Buy Online Surf Shop
  • Sticky Bumps Original Surfboard Wax

Sticky Bumps is one of the best brands of surf wax you will find in an online surf shop. Sticky Bumps is a well known company that has been in the surfing industry for many years now. Their waxes offer surfers a high level of traction which allows them to surf with a great degree of comfort. Sticky Bumps Original Surfboard wax is manufactured from biodegradable materials so you will not be harming the environment when you use this wax.

  • Matuna Surf Wax

Matuna is well-known in the surfing industry for its amazing products that are made from organic materials. Matuna make quality waxes that are mindful of our environment and oceans. Matuna surf wax is excellent for beginners who want to experiment with different products on the market. Matuna surf wax comes in a unique package of six instead of one or two, which is very economical.


Shopping for a surfboard wax on the internet is definitely more convenient, and there are unlimited options to choose from. It’s advisable to go for well-known and established brands in order to get the best value for your money.

At Beachin Surf, you can find a large range of online surf accessories for beginners right through to the pros. Alternatively, please feel free to come and visit our shop at 262 Maine Road, Toukley, NSW. We are happy to show you around and assist you in finding whatever you need for a better surfing experience.

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How Does A Concave Affect The Behaviour Of A Longboard?

How Concave Affect Behaviour Longboard

What is a surfboard concave? You may well be familiar with the term ‘concave’ but may not know how it applies to your longboard. By simply looking at your surfboard or any surfboard at your local surf shop, you may notice some contours carved into the bottom of the longboard. 

These contours typically run from the front (nose) of the board down to the back (tail) end of the board. These contours are commonly referred to as concaves. Concaves can vary in shape, size, length and design. Let’s take a quick look at how concaves affect the behaviour of longboards.

Purpose Of Concaves On Surfboards

Before we take a look at their impact on your surfing experience, it’s important to first understand why concaves are put on surfboards in the first place. The main purpose of concaves on longboards is to control and direct the flow of water beneath the board. 

Concaves also allow air to get under your longboard when you are riding a wave. Concaves can improve the speed and sensitivity of your board. Finding a longboard with a perfect concave can dramatically improve your surfing experience.

How Concave Affect Behaviour Longboard

Concave Designs

Concaves come in a wide variety of designs ranging from one simple line to complex contours and channels in various shapes. On a typical longboard, concaves can begin at about 12 inches from the front of the board and run full length to the bottom of the board.

Concaves can significantly affect the response and overall feel of your longboard. There are different concave designs to choose from based on your personal preferences and desired results. Please keep reading below to learn more:

1. Flat Bottom

The bottom of a flat bottom surfboard has no contours. Surfboard manufacturers that want to save on money and time usually prefer to make this type of surfboard.

This means that flat bottom boards have no concaves and are usually on the cheaper end of the price spectrum. Also, as expected, flat bottoms don’t offer any noteworthy performance features. 

2. Single Concave (Single To Double)

As the name suggests, this design is characterised by a single concave running from the nose of the board through the middle and all the way to the tail. The single concave design is best suited for big waves. It’s less effective for general day-to-day surfing.

The single concave design allows you to make tighter turns on waves and is great for lightweight surfers.

3. Double Concave

Possibly the most popular concave design, the double concave or single-to-double concave design features a single contour that begins at the front end of the board and at some point around the middle, the contour breaks up into two.

The double concave design is suitable for surfers who are packing some extra weight. You can make freer manoeuvres and loose turns on a double concave. The single contour at the front offers enhanced speed.

How Concave Affect Behaviour Longboard

4. V Concave

The V concave design is specially suited for longboards because it helps loosen up the back end of the board making your surfboard easier to control. They are also great for retro fish surfboards. The added width of the tail offers you more speed on smaller waves.

A V concave allows you to turn your longboard from rail to rail. To put it simply, you can turn easily on small waves while still maintaining high-speeds.

Surfboards that feature any of the above concave designs provide a much smoother and more sophisticated surfing experience. The V Concave design is by far the best concave design for Longboards. You can experiment with different concave designs to find the perfect one for you.

At Beachin Surf, you can find a large range of surfboards for beginners right through to the pros. Please feel free to come and visit our shop at 262 Maine Road, Toukley, NSW. We are happy to show you around and assist you in finding the best surfboard for your skill level.

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What Are The Best Longboards For Cruising

What Best Longboards For Cruising

Do you love cruising on your skateboard? Are you looking for the best longboards for cruising? Here are the best longboards you should consider if you want to go cruising. 

1. Volador 42 Inch Complete Cruiser Longboard 

This is an ideal longboard for cruising. With fast responsiveness and great accuracy when turning, it’s ideal for all the cruisers out there. It comes with a large deck, about 42 inches long, and is shock absorbent making it perfect for all riders. The deck is made up of 8 ply maple wood thereby making it sturdy and high-quality. Also, the board is considered eco-friendly since it’s made up of eco-friendly epoxy that holds the maple deck together.

With this longboard, you can adjust the truck’s baseplate angle so you can use the 2 settings at two ends. The size of the wheels is 70 mm and the longboard features a durometer of 80A. The hardness of the wheels makes it perfect for cruising. The wheels are white in colour so they might not be ideal for everyone. However, you can use the longboard for downhill, freeride or board-walking besides cruising.

There are so many colours and styles to choose from when it comes to the Volador 42-inch complete cruiser longboard. As such, it can guarantee a great cruising experience for various enthusiasts at the most affordable prices. It is an ideal longboard for heavier riders since it comes with plenty of standing space for controlling and monitoring the board effectively. 

What Best Longboards For Cruising

2. Quest Super Cruiser 44’’ Longboard 

The deck materials on this longboard are 7-ply maple with a reinforced layer of bamboo at the bottom thereby making it a very unique longboard for cruising. It’s also a very durable longboard that comes with a classic pintail shape. It’s also a great longboard for beginners to cruising. Note that, pintail longboards are longer that’s why this longboard features 44’’ long.

When you buy the Quest Super Cruiser 44’’ longboard for the first time, you will notice that the trucks often arrive loose. You need to tighten them to enjoy more stability. The longboard is also ideal for newbies because it’s made out of aluminium. The trucks have double-cone bushings allowing you to turn the longboard as hard as you need to. Of course, you can’t do a lot of tricks with these bushings but you should enjoy the safety and comfort that comes with the board.

The longboard features 70mm polyurethane wheels and the 80A hardness allowing them to roll as quickly as possible. It’s an ideal longboard for soft roads since it’s not designed to handle a lot of obstacles as you are cruising. As you improve, you need to change the bearings on the trucks but the longboard works perfectly as it is.

If you want to enjoy better control with the longboard, you should use the kicktail feature and the concave allowing you to plant your feet on the board securely. It comes in a larger size so you have a lot of space for your feet. Remember, longboard cruising is mostly about safety and stability so the Quest Super Cruiser 44’’ longboard offers all that and more. 

Since the longboard is made out of high-quality materials, you can buy it as a beginner and use it as you advance your skills effortlessly. It offers great value for your money as well as exceptional turning capabilities. 

What Best Longboards For Cruising


Choosing the right longboard for cruising might seem like an overwhelming and daunting choice. However, with the right factors in consideration such as the quality of materials, the features and the length make it an easy choice. If you are looking for an ideal longboard for cruising the Quest Super Cruiser 44’’ Longboard and Volador 42 Inch Complete Cruiser Longboard are ideal choices. 

If you are looking for a high-quality skateboard, Beachin Surf is skateboarder’s one-stop-shop. We offer a wide range of essentials for your skateboarding and outdoor needs.

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Are Leg Ropes Sold Online Separately To Surfboards?

Are Leg Ropes Sold Online Separately Surfboards

In any system that has multiple parts, there’s usually one part that fails more than other parts, or that needs replacing for other reasons. Old-style vacuum cleaners have bags, cooker hoods have filters, cars have spark plugs – all things that eventually need to be replaced or swapped out.

With surfboards, the ‘weakest part’ is usually considered to be the leg rope. While there are some unfortunate souls who regularly damage fins or who damage their boards frequently, most people find that their leg ropes are the weakest link.

What Are Leg Ropes?

Leg ropes, also known as leashes, are an often overlooked and under-appreciated part of the surfing setup. They’re an essential safety aid, for both the surfer and those around them. If you wipe out, a leash will keep you tethered to your board – meaning you can use it as a flotation aid, get back to the board quickly, and also reduce the risk of injuring others with an out-of-control board.

It’s important to choose a robust, good-quality leash that’s appropriately sized. For all the good that a leg rope can do, if it snaps or gets tangled up while you’re surfing it could put you, or those around you, at risk.

Are Leg Ropes Sold Online Separately Surfboards

Buying Leg Ropes Online

Some surfers take pride in going out on the water without a leash, and their motivation isn’t always just showing off. Surfers who have only ever owned a stock board and leg rope may feel that the ropes just get in the way. What good is a leash if it becomes a restraint too, and causes more accidents than it prevents?

Fortunately, there are many surfboard leashes on the market that are far superior to those stock leashes; ones in which you can hardly tell you are actually wearing one, giving surfers freedom to move without getting tangled up, and increasing the confidence they feel in their boards. The top-rated leashes are strong, durable, and are designed to stay in place on your ankle without getting tangled.

There’s even a trend towards environmentally friendly leashes, such as the Eco Leash. This features a cuff and rail made from recycled nylon and neoprene, and the tether itself is also recycled, reducing the carbon footprint that goes into making it.

It’s natural to wonder whether a recycled leg rope is a good choice or not – after all, you need the rope to be able to withstand the stresses of day to day use, and a recycled piece might not. The manufacturers of the eco leash have extensively tested it, however, and each part is reliable.

What’s more, the parts are interchangeable, so if one component breaks it can be removed and replaced, saving you money on replacing an entire leash, and doing your bit to protect the environment too.

Are Leg Ropes Sold Online Separately Surfboards

Should You Buy Replacement Leg Ropes Online?

If you have a surfboard and you aren’t happy with the leash that came with it, or you’ve damaged your leash and need a new one, don’t waste money replacing the entire board, and don’t worry about getting exactly the leash that came with the board you have. For the most part, leashes are universal. 

You do need to choose the right size leash for the board that you have so that the rail saver sits over the rail and the leash is either the same length or only slightly longer than the board. Other than sizing concerns, however, any high-quality leash should suit your board.

The thickness of the leash does make a difference depending on the size of the waves that you typically surf, but for safety’s sake, a regular wave leash should be fine for most beginners.

Don’t be tempted to surf without a leash. Find a good replacement online, and stay safe out on the water.

When it comes to leg ropes and surfing accessories, Beachin Surf offers a wide variety of surfing essentials. We have board bags, clothing, footwear, accessories, wetsuits, surfboards, and surf hardware. We are more than happy to help you with your surfing journey.

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Best Skateboards For Performing Tricks

Best Skateboards Performing Tricks

Skateboarding is both a fun activity and an amazing sport. Doing tricks on a skateboard can make your skateboarding experience even more fun and exciting. However, to be able to perform a wide variety of tricks with ease, you need a skateboard that is built for performance and professional use. 

Now, you may be wondering what are the best skateboards for performing tricks? Well, to answer this question, we explain several features of skateboards that are specifically built for skateboarders who wish to push the limits of skateboarding.

1. Wheels

Skateboards come with a wide variety of wheels. Some come with big wheels, others come with small wheels. Some come with hard wheels, others come with soft wheels. Most skateboard wheels are made from polyurethane material. This material is available in different grades and quality.

Cheap skateboards typically come with low-quality wheels that are made from low-grade polyurethane material. With that said, it is important to consider the quality of the wheels on your skateboard because wheels have a huge impact on performance. Apart from wheel quality, you should also consider other factors such as:

– Shape

The best wheels for performing tricks are classical shaped, conical and radial shaped wheels. Wheels that are too round or too square are not recommended.

– Rebound or bounce rate

Rebound or bounce rates deal with the level of deformation of the wheels while skateboarding. Bounce rate is greatly influenced by the softness or hardness of the wheels. Soft wheels typically have a higher bounce rate and can easily become deformed, while hard wheels have a lower bounce rate and are really snappy. The best skateboards for performing tricks have low bounce rates. This allows them to have a quick response. 

– Hardness

Hard wheels may be less suitable for typical skateboarding on streets and roads, but they are great for performing tricks because they have a low rebound or bounce rate.

– Diameter

The smaller the diameter, the more effective your wheels will be when doing tricks on your skateboard. Smaller wheels are better at doing tricks because; they easily grind to rails, are lighter and easier to pop, more responsive and have faster acceleration.

Best Skateboards Performing Tricks

2. Trucks

When it comes to trucks, professional skateboarders have been known to prefer Thunder trucks as they offer greater responsiveness and more grinding options. Also, bushings can have an impact on trucks responsiveness.

As you may have already guessed, responsiveness is very important when doing tricks on a skateboard. A responsive skateboard will allow you to turn, flip or pop your skateboard within milliseconds. Thunder trucks are the best trucks for performance or technical skateboarding.

For professional skateboarding, many people go for low trucks. Low trucks are excellent for performing tricks because they give your skateboard a lower centre of gravity. You can easily do tricks and pop your board with low trucks.

3. Shapes And Decks

The size and width of your deck will have a huge impact on performance. Wider decks tend to be more stable while narrower decks offer higher responsiveness. For performance skateboards, it’s recommended that you go with an 8.0 inch deck. You can remove or add 0.25 inches from this depending on your personal preference. However, you should ensure that the deck is made from quality materials such as high-grade maple wood.

Best Skateboards Performing Tricks

– Single Pressed

Also, make sure the deck is single-pressed. Multiple decks that are pressed into one often cause problems during skateboarding.

– Concave

The best skateboards for performing tricks have a mellow concave. 

– Tail and Nose

The tail and nose height and shape help you to flip and pop your deck. You should also consider the tail and nose when choosing a skateboard for technical or professional skateboarding.

If you are looking for a high-quality skateboard, Beachin Surf is skateboarder’s one-stop-shop. We offer a wide range of essentials for your skateboarding and outdoor needs.

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Is Bodyboarding Easier To Learn Than Surfing?

Bodyboarding Easier Learn Than Surfing

Are you thinking about making your trips to the beach more exciting? If so, surfing and bodyboarding are great ways to do this. In fact, expect to spend even more time in the ocean once you feel comfortable on a surf or bodyboard. However, is bodyboarding easier to learn than surfing? And if so, why? 

When you compare the different approaches, then yes, bodyboarding should be easier to learn than surfing. But this does not mean the experience is any less thrilling. Whether you are standing or laying down, every wave provides a unique high you are bound to get addicted to. Now you probably wonder why bodyboarding is easier? In short, the main factors that make bodyboarding easier are based on: 

  • Standing vs laying down
  • Navigation and mobility 
  • More confidence when catching waves 
Bodyboarding Easier Learn Than Surfing

1. Standing vs Laying Down   

One of the most apparent differences between surfing and bodyboarding is your position. When you surf, it is critical to keep your feet on the surfboard and above the water. Bodyboarding, on the other hand, requires you to lay down and use your feet in the water. So, with the latter, you do not have to worry so much about maintaining balance. 

Keep in mind that bodyboards are smaller than surfboards, which make it easy to put your legs in the water. At the same time, you can grab onto the front of the bodyboard for stability (when you are not paddling). For those who are just learning, the bodyboarding position is much less intimidating. 

2. Navigation And Mobility 

Another aspect to consider is how easy it is to steer and turn. Once again, these actions are tricky on a surfboard because you only have your weight and knees to work with. Steering while you surf is all about bending your knees and shifting your weight.

However, on a bodyboard, you are flat on your stomach and in the perfect position to use your limbs. With your feet and arms in the water, steering becomes much easier. 

Add to this the time it takes to turn, then bodyboarding takes another leap forward as the easier choice. Turning on a surfboard is not going to happen as quickly as when you bodyboard.  

3. More Confidence When Catching Waves 

No matter how you look at it, beginners on a bodyboard are much more confident about catching waves and developing their skills. This is because they have more control over the situation, and they can focus more on enjoying the experience rather than worry about falling off. 

The level of confidence you have when learning any new skill will hugely influence how quickly you master it. With bodyboarding, you can expect to be more confident and comfortable because you have more control and may even be able to perform some tricks.

Bodyboarding Easier Learn Than Surfing

Why Do People Surf When Bodyboarding Is Easier? 

Even though surfing and bodyboarding will both provide a gratifying experience, some individuals love the challenge associated with surfing. The extra discipline surfing takes motivates these individuals to achieve that ultimate gratification of riding a monster wave – standing up. However, many are happy riding waves with more control, which truly separates surfing from bodyboarding

A Quick Tip For Beginners 

Do you want to make your learning experience easier? Regardless of whether you want to surf or bodyboard, it is recommended to start with the right gear. For example, going into the ocean on a board you are not familiar or comfortable with can end up discouraging you from trying again. Everyone is different, which means you need to invest in gear suited for your surfing or bodyboarding needs. 

When it comes to bodyboards and surfing accessories, Beachin Surf offers a wide variety of surfing essentials. We have board bags, clothing, footwear, accessories, wetsuits, surfboards, and surf hardware. We are more than happy to help you with your surfing journey.

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The Reason You Nose-Dive When Trying To Catch Big Waves

Reason Nose-Dive When Catch Big Waves

Would you like to understand why you and your surfboard nose-dive on big waves? You may have noticed it happening more often than usual, especially if you encounter more big waves than you usually would. There are several reasons this might happen to you, but the good news is that you can take steps to avoid running into this issue when you go out into the water again.

Larger Waves Move At Faster Speeds

When a wave is much larger, it will move at a faster rate of speed. If it is moving faster, that means you will need to pick up the pace, paddling as fast as you can. If you cannot swim fast enough to reach the wave, you will miss out or potentially nose-dive instead of catching the wave and riding it out.

Reason Nose-Dive When Catch Big Waves

You Are Not Properly Positioned On The Board

When you do not position yourself properly on the surfboard, you could end up nose-diving instead of catching the wave. Even the most experienced surfers can make mistakes at times. If you are too close to the front of your board, the weight of your body could pull you forward while preventing you from catching the wave as it passes in front of you.

While you do need to stand closer to the front of the board, you need to make sure you are not putting all of your weight on the front of it. You need to try to evenly distribute your weight by standing forward while leaning your upper body back just a bit. 

You Are Heading Toward The Wave A Bit Late

If you start paddling a bit late, you could miss the wave or nose-dive when trying to catch it. Try to be aware of all the waves happening around you while you are in the water. As soon as you start to see the wave picking up and heading in your direction, start paddling in that direction, but try to do so on an angle so that you will have an even better chance of catching it in full force and riding it out until the end.

Reason Nose-Dive When Catch Big Waves

Always Make Sure To Turn

While you need to paddle forward to get closer to the wave as it starts to come your way, you will also need to make sure that you turn yourself and your board on an angle. You should turn to about 45 degrees when trying to catch a wave and ride it.

If you are not adjusting your position and turning on an angle, you will continue to have issues nose-diving into the wave instead of getting on it and riding it out for as long as you possibly can. You may want to practice this technique on smaller waves until you get the hang of it. Once you get used to making a slight turn, it will become a habit that you get used to doing in the water.

Final Thoughts

You may have struggled to catch large waves, nose-diving each time you attempt to ride one. Although this is a common issue that surfers run into when trying to catch those bigger waves that are more exciting, you can take steps to avoid this problem. There is a possibility that you were not correctly positioned on your board or that you were headed toward the wave a bit too late.

However, if you follow the helpful tips mentioned above, you can stop nose-diving and catch more waves. You will get to have the time of your life enjoying the water by yourself or with friends who enjoy surfing just as much as you do.

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