Do I Need A Traction Pad For My Surfboard?

Do Need Traction Pad Surfboard

There are many misconceptions on the topic of traction pads for surfboards. Some people believe that they don’t do much and that they can actually make surfing more difficult because it makes it harder to get on the board. But this is not true. Traction pads are a surfing accessory that give you extra grip when trying to maneuver around in choppy water, which means less time struggling with a slippery surfboard and more time spent enjoying the waves. In fact, some high-end surfboards come with a pre-installed traction pad! 

If you’d like to learn more about traction pads and whether you need them for your surfboards, feel free to continue reading below!

What Is A Traction Pad?

A traction pad is a rubber mat that goes on the bottom of your surfboard. This helps you stay in place when riding out big waves or rapidly turning points. Traction pads also make it easier for beginners to turn over their boards without slipping off. Much more control and stability are given at higher speeds compared to not having traction pads at all.

Traction pads can be placed both at the rear and the front of the surfboard, though front pads are often more common than rear pads.

What Are The Advantages Of A Traction Pad?

There are so many advantages to using a traction pad for boards. The first one is that they provide better grip when riding in different wave conditions. A surfing enthusiast might also find traction pads useful as they can prevent their surfboard from sliding backwards while turning around underwater. Traction pads will help keep you safe during dangerous moments in the water because if you fall off your surfboard you’ll be able to get back onto it much quicker.

With a traction pad, you also won’t need to add more wax, you can make sharper turns, and you will have an easier time performing aerial maneuvers.

With that, a traction pad is a great way for you to surf more comfortably. It will decrease the risk of getting hurt and help keep your board secure, making it easier and safer to surf than ever before!

Do Need Traction Pad Surfboard

Do I Need A Traction Pad For My Surfboard?

Whether you need a traction pad or not will depend on the type of surfboard you have.

For example, if you have a longboard, you will most likely not need a traction pad because of the length of the longboard. Longboards are also often ridden on smooth, calmer wave conditions so having grip is not really necessary. If you have a soft-top foam surfboard, traction pads may not work as well. This is mainly due to the fact that the traction pad may not be as adhesive to the material of the surfboard. 

Meanwhile, many people with shortboards use traction pads since they can help with making sharper turns on the water. In this case, tail pads are commonly used. 

If you own a funboard, having a traction pad is completely up to you. Funboards and traction pads are compatible with each other, so now it’s just a matter of deciding whether you think a traction pad can help you perform better out on the waves. However, do note that the bigger your board is, the less likely you will need to have a traction pad on it.


There are various benefits that you can enjoy when you get a traction pad. Some of these benefits include having sharper turns, safer rides, and better stability. However, whether you need a traction pad or not largely depends on the type of surfboard you have.

Longboards and soft-top foam surfboards do not need traction pads, but a shortboard may need one. If you are not sure which traction pad to use for your board, contact us call us at Beachin Surf. We can help you find the right one!

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