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Futures - T1 Honeycomb Clear Twin Fin Set

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Futures - T1 Honeycomb Clear Twin Fin Set



The T1 Honeycomb is Future’s twin-fin design for down the line drive, speed and smooth rail-to-rail feel that iconic twin-fin surfing is known for.  The T1 Honeycomb’s medium flex pattern offers a slightly softer flex pattern compared to the Fiberglass option, helping to generate additional drive in softer conditions and is equipped with a small trailer for stability through bottom and top turns. 


Side fins: Height: 5.14" - Base: 4.80" - Area: 19.79"
Center fin: Height: 3.26" - Base: 3.18" - Area 7.90"

Additional Information

Model Futures - T1 Honeycomb Clear Twin Fin Set
In Depth <p>The Futures WCT Honeycomb is an upright fin with a medium flex pattern designed for all-around beachbreak conditions. This pivoty fin likes to be surfed vertically in the pocket and allows for quick directional changes while the balanced trailer aids in control and stability. </p>
<div class="header"><strong>Dimensions</strong></div>
<div class="size-box">
<div class="kitgui-text"><strong>Size</strong>: Medium (65kg - 88kg)</div>
<div class="side-fins">
<div class="kitgui-text"><strong>Side fins</strong>: <span class="text">Height: </span><span class="value">4.50" - </span><span class="text">Base: </span><span class="value">4.37" - </span><span class="text">Area: </span><span class="value">14.89"</span></div>
<div class="center-fins">
<div class="kitgui-text"><strong>Center fin</strong>:  <span class="text">Height: </span><span class="value">4.35" - </span><span class="text">Base: </span><span class="value">4.25" - </span><span class="text">Area: </span><span class="value">14.10"</span></div>

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