Ordering A Wetsuit Online – Is It Safe To Buy A Wetsuit Online?

Ordering Wetsuit Online Safe Buy Wetsuit Online

When it comes to wetsuits, fitting is crucial, and you will need to consider the size of the wetsuit before purchasing. The only way you can do this is by visiting a surf shop. But, wait, what if the surf shop is miles away? That means you will need to buy the wetsuit online. 

With the recent sizing complexities and material scams when shopping online, the main question becomes, is it safe to buy a wetsuit online? And what should you look for and what should you avoid? Below, we detail everything you need to know when buying a wetsuit online!

Wetsuit Thickness

Water temperatures vary with regions and seasons. Colder water requires wetsuits with a thicker material to help insulate the temperatures. Depending on your area and the prevailing season, you will need to purchase a wetsuit that will offer you optimum thermal insulation. For instance, the 7mm thick wetsuit is preferable during winter and the thinner 2mm wetsuit during summer.

Design Features

When you buy a wetsuit online, below are the key design features you need to consider before parting with your hard-earned money. 

  • Whether the outside lining is mesh panels, double-lined or single-lined
  • Reinforcements on the seams
  • The inside lining is mesh panels, fully double lining, 360 degrees stretch lining, or recycled lining.
  • Whether the wetsuits use natural rubber, petroleum-based neoprene, oyster-shell neoprene, or limestone neoprene foam
  • Type of dyes used
  • The neck material
  • The leg and arm cuffs

Warranty Policy

If you choose to buy a wetsuit from an online store, ensure you check the store’s or brand’s warranty policy. Humans are prone to error, and sometimes there can be manufacturing defects. If that is the case, the wetsuit will require replacement or repair. 


If there is one thing you need to get right when purchasing a wetsuit online, it’s size. A wetsuit that is oversize will not only be costly but also won’t be able to insulate your body effectively. Purchasing an undersized wetsuit will render it unusable, and you will need replacement, which can lead to extra expenses if the returns are not free. Considering you can’t fit the wetsuit online, you need to take measurements of the chest, waist, and height to be on the safe side. If you have an older wetsuit, you can also use it to take the measurements. 

Ordering Wetsuit Online Safe Buy Wetsuit Online

The Zip

Wetsuits from different manufacturers come in varying zipping styles. Below are the common zip styles you can choose from:

  • Back zips – these zips feature a cord string and run the length of yourback
  • Chest zips – this involves wearing the wetsuit through the top part, pulling a flap, and fastening using the zip on the chest panel
  • No zip – these wetsuits look similar to the chest zip wetsuits, only that they don’t have a zip at the chest panel. After entering the wetsuit, you only need to pull the cord string to fasten. 
  • Springsuit or Steamer

When deciding on the right wetsuit to buy online, below are the styles you need to keep in mind:

  • Steamer – these wetsuits have full-length leg and arm sleeves, making them ideal for winter
  • Short arm steamer – these wetsuits come with full-length leg sleeves and half-length arm sleeves, making them suitable for spring
  • Springsuit – these wetsuits have short legs and arm sleeves, making them ideal for summer and spring
  • Short John and Long John – these wetsuits have sleeveless arms, either short or long leg length, making them suitable for paddling
  • Wetsuit top or Jacket – these wetsuits can be a short or long arm, with full front zip, halfback zip, or no zip, and only covers the torso, making them suitable for warm summer

Final Thoughts

Keeping in mind that a surf shop may not be near you, the only viable option may be shopping for your wetsuit online. The most critical things to remember are the correct size, material thickness, warranty, features, and zipping styles. Still sitting on the fence and or feel overwhelmed on how to buy a wetsuit online? We’ve got you covered!

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