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    The DMC Elite fins were designed as all round swim training fins for intermediate to advanced athletes. They have more recently become a favourite choice as bodyboard fins due to their small size and how comfortable they are. They have the same power as a stiff bladed fin due to the V Rail design which helps displace more water with both up and down kicks and are so soft and comfortable thanks to their silform construction compared to most standard swim fins which are made of rubber or other polymers.

    Key Features

      • Super soft silform construction
      • V rail design – increases surface area and displaces more water with up and down kicks
      • Drain chute – your fins will stay on during flip and tumble turns thanks to its design and any sand or grit with wash straight out in the surf
      • Non slip tread
      • Great as swim fins, bodyboard fins and any other aquatic sport requiring comfortable propulsion.


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  • REPELLOR FIN – UV Colour Change


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    DMC fins once again lead the pack with new technology. The new REPELLOR UV model will stoke everyone from the retailer to the new kid on the block. Take these puppies outside and watch everybody’s amazement as they change from white into their respective colours. They go pretty good in the surf too!

    Surf rescue, Bodysurfing, Bodyboarding, Ocean Photography, Surf Swimming,  Snorkelling & Sprint Swim Training.

    REPELLOR have an extra super feature that is unique to their design:
    Patented Interlocking Lugs stand your REPELLOR for LIFEGUARD Eveready Rescue Prep

    Being the ULTIMATE Sprint Swimming Tool – to get your body position, catch and breathing synchronised for incredible top speed racing form.
    That’s why they get you to MAX  SPEED with LESS FATIGUE because you can get your maximum speed with less fatigue in your legs than any other swimming fins on the planet – due to DMC’s amazing Patented Reverse V Rail design.

    REPELLOR fins Care Instructions:

    Always rinse in fresh water after use in salt water
    Keep out of direct sunlight for prolonged periods
    Keep off hard surfaces
    Avoid sharp objects like rocks or reef
    Keep your REPELLOR fins in re-usable packaging

    REPELLOR fins are warranted against manufacturing faults for 90 days from date of purchase.
    REPELLOR fins are not warranted against misuse. Please adhere to care instructions.