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  • FCS II Al Merrick Tri Fins


    or 4 payments of $37.50 with Afterpay

    Al Merrick’s ‘AM’ shaper fin. Raked side fins produce exceptional speed and drive.

  • FCS II Jeremy Flores Tri Fins


    or 4 payments of $44.99 with Afterpay

    Fcs 2 Jf Pg Tri

  • FCS II Mark Richards Twin + Stabiliser Fins


    or 4 payments of $37.50 with Afterpay

    MR’s twin + stabiliser template. Exceptional pivot off the top, while centre fin adds control.

  • FCS II Reactor PC Carbon Tri Fins


    or 4 payments of $39.99 with Afterpay

    Speed ​& tight turns. Ideal for beach breaks.

  • FUTURES AM1 Honeycomb (M)


    or 4 payments of $37.49 with Afterpay

    The AM1 Honeycomb, designed by legendary shaper Al Merrick of Channel Islands Surfboards, is a medium size thruster in the Rake template category. Featuring a balanced flex pattern, this fin’s wider base provides increased drive through turns, making it ideal for high performance surfing. The centre fin is smaller than the side fins for increased manoeuvrability.

    • Template Category | Rake (drawn-out, control, drive)
    • Construction | Honeycomb
    • Ride Number | Balanced – 5.8
    • Size | Medium (65 – 88 kgs))
  • FUTURES John John Florence Alpha (M)


    or 4 payments of $30.00 with Afterpay

    The John John Florence Alpha is a medium sized thruster in the Neutral template category. It is the same template that JJF rode to back-to-back World Championships in and that has been a global best seller in Techflex construction, since the initial release. Made in Huntington Beach, the Alpha product line now combines Bureo’s NetPlus recycled fishing nets with Futures’ Compound 6 (C6) carbon and air infused technology.

    • Template Category | Neutral (balanced, all-around)
    • Construction | Alpha (NetPlus)
    • Ride Number | Balanced – 5.9
    • Size | Medium (63 – 88 kgs)
  • TRUE AMES The Performer 7.25”


    or 4 payments of $30.00 with Afterpay

    The foundation of this design is competition & high performance 2+1 longboard surfing. John Perry, one of Santa Barbara’s most notable long time shapers, has lent his hand in fine-tuning these gems, resulting in a powerful, full base fin, featuring an extremely smooth ride.

    SMALLER SIZES ( 5.45” – 6.25” ) Pair up with a larger set of side bites for a great combo.

    LARGER SIZES ( 7.25” – 8”) Try these out as a single fin setup.

  • TRUE AMES Wayne Rich Power 7.0”


    or 4 payments of $32.50 with Afterpay

    Working with Sensei Wayno is always a pleasure… he’s got a keen eye, loads of knowledge, and an affinity for creating designs that work! Wayne is a craftsman who thrives on the nuances of creating some of the most ultimate hydrodynamic craft, so naturally he worked hard to tick all the boxes when designing this signature series of fins.

    The Wayne Rich Power fins are built for exactly what it sounds like they are…to be a powerhouse for your surfboard. Coming hard off the bottom, building speed, and harnessing increased projection out of turns are what these fins are built for. With the full base, solid foil, calculated area distribution, and stiff flex of this fin, your board will always feel like it’s got a full tank of fuel.

    SMALLER SIZES ( 6” – 8” ) These sizes are phenomenal for 2+1’s.

    LARGER SIZES ( 8.5” – 9.5”) Use these sizes for your single fin.