Children are now surfing earlier and younger than ever before, so there was a need to create a SmoothStar model designed for children with a lighter weight and shorter surf stance.

What sets this model apart is the Mini Thruster located at the front of the board.

The Mini Thruster is a revolutionary patented front turning truck that helps simulate how a surfboard turns and moves in the water. It contains soft rubbers inside the turning mechanism instead of springs, making it more responsive and easier to turn left and right.

Using the Mini Grom model, children will be able to repetitively practice surfing on land and perfect their balance and movement without necessarily having to go to the ocean.

The product comes with surf training tutorials created by one of Australia’s leading surf coaches. These tutorials include many aspects ranging from psychology on how to teach children the basic fundamentals of surfing such as pop ups, stance and paddling technique.

By using the SmoothStar Mini Grom, children will improve their balance,  stance, body movement, and learn the basic principles of turning on a surfboard while having fun. Children will have the opportunity to practice their bottom hand turns, which is the first step of progression towards getting the most of their surfing.

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