Core: Kinetic Core PP (EPP 1.9lb)

Deck: Wavecushion Air 8lb PE (NXLPE)

Slick: Surlyn

Stringer: S10 Stringer

Reinforcement: Slick Mesh

Rails: 55/45 Double Rails  w/ Vax Trax Rails

Channels:  AKU Shaped Zero Slot Hull Concave

Tail: Delta Bat Tail

Contours: Deck Contour w/ Deck & Nose Bulbs

This model is an evolution of our Zero Slot Hull Channel Model we did a limited release on earlier in the year. 

Here’s the quick back story on how that evolved: 

We’ve been incorporating the Vax Trax Rail system into a lot of our board models, and the feedback has been super positive, but find it still definitely performs best in hollower waves or steep walls where maximum hold is required, particularly when paired up with a Channel system.

Unfortunately, we don’t always get to surf those waves as often as we’d like, so we wanted to create a board that’d help our riders take their high performance bodyboarding into a bit more average waves! Not “spin to win” in junky waves as such, but to increase performance in 2-3 foot beachies with a bit of push.

The simplest way to balance this out, was to remove the channels completely, and go back to the Old school “Flat Bottom”, but we thought we could do better.

We went pretty deep on the research looking at boats, planes and surfboard designs.

What we’ve ended up with a large single-hull concave which we’ve named the Zero Slot Hull Channel. This bottom contour is based on the theory of a “planing hull” which as the name suggests, gets you planing earlier and easier, giving exceptional down the line speed off the weakest of sections. 

A lot of our inspiration came from the Bob Simmons designed Mini Simmons surfboards, which have since evolved and are evident in a lot of the modern-day Daniel Thompson (Tomo Shapes) and Slater Designs surfboards.

So, we’ve incorporated all this into the Speed Dealer 5.0. Few key changed from the original samples:

Instead of the Clipped Crescent, we’ve switched to a Delta Bat tail.

We’ve added Deck contours for a bit of extra comfort


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