While we don’t always condone it, the Fresh Bean is our take on the “high performance thruster”.

We’ve made it even more high performance by chucking in 5 “Bones and Shanks” fin boxes, so you can ride it as a thruster if you want to go top to bottom or ride it as a quad if you need some extra drive and down the line speed.

Shape-wise there’s plenty of volume up high so she will paddle like a rocket and still be easy to surf on the weaker days, while we’ve pulled the tail in to give a bit of hold if it gets hollow.

With the 10lb IXL Deckskin and Double stringers for extra stiffness, this is as close to your shortboard as you’ll get!


– Core: Moulded Fusion X (EPS)
– Deck: 10lb IXL Crosslink
– Slick: Xtra Duralinx
– Tail: Rounded Pin
– Stringer: 2 X Fibreglass Reinforced Bamboo Stringers
– Fins: 5 Fin Set-Up (Fins provided)


Additional information

Weight 5 kg


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