Carbon Wrap

CARBON WRAP™ is a patented surfboard technology, structurally engineered for optimum flex and performance. CARBON WRAP™ was originally created by Dan MacDonald, a Gold Coast surfboard manufacturer, who wanted to make a light weight surfboard that didn't sacrifice strength and still provided next level performance.

The Carbon Wrap focuses on the flex pattern of a surfboard, allowing for additional stiffness through the nose of the board whilst the carbon spaced out between the feet, it gives the tail extra spring with quick response and more force.

Our exclusive Carbon bands are strategically positioned running from nose to tail.

Flaring the carbon out towards the rail utilizes the contortional twist creating optimum flex and drive. It is the unique method of wrapping these carbon bands from the bottom of the board, and around the rail onto the deck that provides the unique load and release.

The carbon wrap technology is designed to increase drive and allow positive tail flex providing a lively, next level performance based board that will propel your surfing into the next level.

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