Mid-length Surfboards

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  • 7S Superfish 4 – PU


    or 4 payments from $161.25 with Afterpay

    The Superfish 4 (SF4) is an amalgamation of the Superfish 3 shape, with some old design features from the past. While still targeted at surfer’s looking for a high volume modern fish shape, we believe this is our best Superfish yet; offering the perfect balance of stability and turning response.

  • DOMINATOR 2.0- Helium


    or 4 payments of $270.00 with Afterpay

    The Dominator II is a revisited version that I’m super excited about. The Dominator has been a staple in my quiver, and the Firewire line, since its inception in 2008.

  • Elemnt Surf Wildcat


    or 4 payments of $172.25 with Afterpay

    “Wider outline plan shape with pulled in round tail, flat bottom rocker combined with a little nose and tail kick, Lots of volume throughout concentrated from centre point forward under chest area. Fuller rails, hard edge with single concave bottom running from nose into double concave through fin area and out tail.”

    -Adam Dalli

  • Firewire Seaside and Beyond


    or 4 payments of $274.75 with Afterpay

    The Firewire Seaside and Beyond was designed to have fun. It’s fast, glides like a mid-length, and will turn on a dime…

  • Firewire Seaxe TT


    or 4 payments of $273.75 with Afterpay

    The Firewire Seaxe TT is the most versatile mid-length board on the market! If you’re looking for lots of waves and minimal effort but still wanna let loose when the section is there then this is the board for you.

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    Lost Tube Pig

    $895.00 $749.00

    or 4 payments of $187.25 with Afterpay

    For best results, try the Tube Pig around the same size if not a little bigger than your standard shortboard.

  • Modern Highline PU


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  • Modern Highline Pu – FCS2


    or 4 payments of $149.75 with Afterpay

    Colour:Sea Tint

  • Modern Lovechild PU – Orange Pinline


    or 4 payments from $174.75 with Afterpay

    With loads of surface area up front, and a more tapered outline in the tail, the Modern Love Child is a versatile cruiser that is sure to double your wave count. This surfboard paddles exceptionally well, has plenty of turning ability off the tail, and will adapt as the conditions, and your approach changes.

  • Salt Gypsy Mid Tide – PU


    or 4 payments from $199.75 with Afterpay

    The versatility of the Mid Tide shouldn’t be underestimated. This all day, every day surfboard is not intimidating in any way, and has a reliability to it that’ll see her perform in just about any type of waves. This one is defined as a mid-length cruiser with a few smaller sizes in the offering for the more petite girls and those with some intent to their approach.

  • Sale!

    SIC Drifter


    or 4 payments from $149.75 with Afterpay

    The Sic Drifter is a round board that is perfect for beginners learning the basics of surfing, including paddling. This board is safer than a fibreglass surfboard however it allows for more performance thanks to its thermoformed plastic skin. A solid board for beginners to progress their surfing with less frustration.

  • Torq TEC Big Boy


    or 4 payments of $219.75 with Afterpay

    The Torq Big Boy Tec is a great board for the larger surfer looking to get more waves & enjoyment out in the water.

Mid-length Surfboards – These are for surfers looking to maximize paddle-ability and compromise agility. Mid-length surfboards are designed for casual surfers surf for pleasure not performance.

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