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  • Modern Golden Rules – PU


    or 4 payments of $229.75 with Afterpay


    We worked on the Golden Rule to ensure it is a user-friendly all round longboard that will give the rider the ability to ride each wave easily. The overall style of the board has an emphasis on stability, control and smooth turning. The Golden Rule is all about having the volume where it is needed. Having the right amount of foam under your torso for fast paddling or foiling the tail out so the board can perform when when turning. We love the way the Golden Rule rides.

  • Modern Highline PU


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  • Modern Highline Pu – FCS2


    or 4 payments of $149.75 with Afterpay

    Colour:Sea Tint

  • Modern Lovechild PU – Orange Pinline


    or 4 payments from $174.75 with Afterpay

    With loads of surface area up front, and a more tapered outline in the tail, the Modern Love Child is a versatile cruiser that is sure to double your wave count. This surfboard paddles exceptionally well, has plenty of turning ability off the tail, and will adapt as the conditions, and your approach changes.

  • Modern Retro – PU


    or 4 payments of $223.75 with Afterpay

    The Modern Retro Longboard puts a contemporary twist on an old school design, made popular back in the late 60’s, when hanging toes was the in-vogue move.


Modern Surfboards offer a huge range of surfboards from beginner to expert. The brand is more affordable and diverse than traditional shaping companies. This company outsources many of its manufacturing to reduce cost whilst maintain high quality rather than hand shaping (which can be long a very much dependant on skill). If there is a wave you want to surf modern will have the board to surf it.