Different Types Of Surfing Boards You Will Find At A Local Surf Shop

If you are ready to start learning how to ride on a surfboard, one of the most important decisions that you can make is choosing the best board for you to use. Although most people do not know that there are a wide variety of surfboards, the one that you end up choosing is going to determine how quickly you will learn how to surf.

It is likely that the local surf shop is going to have several of these boards available. Let’s take a look at the many different styles of boards that are currently sold on the market, and which one you should consider using if you are just starting out.

Different Types Of Surfboards Available Today

There are many different types of surfboards available. Some of them are short, whereas others are long. In addition to this, the width of the surfboard can also vary significantly. If this will be your first time to learn surfing, then the board  that you choose should be designed for beginners. A very common type of surfboard is called the shortboard.

It is often preferred because of its ability to help you get on steep waves. They are typically no longer than 7 feet, and it is because of this short stature that makes it easier to get on steep waves.

Other types of surfboards will include fish boards which are short, wide, and extremely flat. You can also use what is called a funboard, a surfboard that is absolutely perfect for beginners.

When missionaries first arrived in Hawaii, the Hawaiians were using longboards. These can be a length of up to 11 feet, and despite their longer design, they are actually much easier to use when trying to catch steep waves.

Hybrid And SUP Surfboards

There are two very popular types of surfboards that newbies normally purchase. One of them is called the Hybrid. As the name indicates, it is typically a combination of a couple different styles of surfboards.

For example, you may get a hybrid that is a combination of a shortboard and longboard. The reason for combining two different surfboards together is that it will have features from each one.

The other type of surfboard which is extremely popular is called the SUP. These are surfboards that can be up to 12 feet in length, large enough to allow people to stand on them and use an oar to paddle across the water while standing up.

What Is The Most Popular Manufacturer Of Surfboards

There are quite a few different manufacturers of surfboards that you may want to consider. This includes those that are made by companies like Cannibal, O’Neill, and Rusty Surfboards.

The most popular is made by an individual by the name of Jason Stevenson. They are marketed under the moniker of JS Surfboards, one of the most well-known and respected brands in the industry.

Getting back to the topic of choosing your very first surfboard, it is highly recommended that you start with a shortboard. These are easier to use, as well as carry to the water, plus you will be able to control it much more easily.

By comparison to other styles of surfboards, the shortboard is the perfect surfboard for newbies that would like to learn how to surf.

How To Find Great Deals On Your First Surfboard

The best deals tend to come from surf shops that are well-known. They will make most of their profit through the volume of sales. Smaller companies are not able to lower their prices very much as they make fewer sales throughout the week.

While you are comparing different types of surfboards, be sure to look at the prices. This information can help you determine which surfboard will fit your budget, and will also help you decide which one will work best for you as you learn to surf.

How Long Will It Take You To Learn How To Surf?

Surfing Lessons

The speed at which you are able to learn how to surf will simply depend upon how much time you are going to put into this hobby. Learning to maintain your balance, as well as control the direction of the surfboard, are skills that you will develop over time.

That’s why starting with a shortboard is one of the best ways to embark upon this new skill you are learning.

How To Find Excellent Deals On Surfboards

If you are not sure what type of surfboard you will need, it is highly recommended that you start comparing different boards. If you go to websites like Amazon, or a specialty store that sells surfboards, you will typically find information about each of these products.

The best recommendations will come from people that understand how to surf proficiently. If they have gone from a newbie to what looks to be a seasoned professional, you may want to get the surfboard that they are using.

The Best Deals Tend To Come From?

The best deals that you will get on quality surfboards will come from the larger companies that produce them. As mentioned earlier, bigger businesses tend to make their money through the volume of sales that they have. Instead of raising the prices significantly, they will often be the ones that will have discounts.

These type of savings is what most newbies are looking for, and in most cases, you will be able to save what could be hundreds of dollars on a new surfboard upon which you can learn to surf.

If you have not had the time to do this research, you should certainly consider looking at websites online where surfboards are being sold.

In some cases, the surfboards will be located not that far from you. Most businesses today have websites that are representative of what they are selling at a physical location. Simply stop by and talk with representatives of that company and purchase a surfboard from your local surf shop.

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