What Best Wetsuit Surfing

What Is The Best Wetsuit To Use For Surfing?

Love surfing all year round? A wetsuit will help you stay comfortable and warm while enjoying your favourite sport. You will be able to stay longer in the water which means more fun for you as well. However, it’s important to put it out there that not all wetsuits are made the same. Most wetsuits are actually designed for general purpose use or open water swimming if you like. There are specific wetsuits that are designed for surfers. If you exclusively swim or surf, it is paramount that you choose a wetsuit that suits your favourite activity. 

What Thickness Should I Go For?

Wetsuits come in a wide variety of thickness ratings. In most instances, a wetsuit will have varying thicknesses of material (usually neoprene) in different areas. Surfing wetsuits usually have a thicker material around the torso and a thinner material on the legs and arms for maximum protection. Wetsuit thickness ratings are usually measured in millimetres.

A 3/4mm wetsuit, for instance, has 3mm on legs and arms, and 4mm on the torso. A 3/4/5mm wetsuit has 3mm on the arms, 4mm on the legs, and 5mm of neoprene on the torso. It’s worth noting that open water swimming wetsuits have thinner material around the armpits and arms for easier movement. They are also cut differently in order to minimise drag.

What Best Wetsuit Surfing

I Want to Surf – Which Wet Suit Should I Get?

If you want to start surfing, you’ll need to select a wetsuit according to the time of the year you plan to use it the most. The rule of thumb is to go for a 2mm wetsuit if you plan to surf more during the summer, a 3mm or 4mm for spring and autumn, a 4mm or 5mm wetsuit for winter, and a 6mm wetsuit for surfing during extremely cold temperatures. A 3/4mm wetsuit is ideal for vacation surfers who want to explore waves in various parts of the world.

I Also Enjoy Swimming – What Should I Look For?

Open swimming wetsuits are designed to be easy and convenient to wear and remove, to meet the requirements of pro swimmers who need to navigate easily in open water. Surfing wetsuits typically have a zip on the chest or back (chest zips are usually better because they offer enhanced flexibility and tend to keep you warmer) or they can be zip-less to enable a wide stance on the surfboard.

It’s worth noting that swimming wetsuits have a lower buoyancy rating than surfing wetsuits. If you want some protection during warmer months, you can go for a full-leg, sleeveless wetsuit for swimming which gives you better arm movement and flexibility. For surfing, you can go for a short-sleeve wetsuit which provides additional flexibility than regular surfing wetsuits.

Style And Aesthetics

Surfing wetsuits are not all about protection. You also want to think about the look and fit as well. The fit varies from brand to brand. For instance, a medium wetsuit from one company might fit you well while another may be too loose or too tight. While most surfing wetsuits are black in colour (this is purposely done to provide better UV resistance), you can still find wetsuits in other bright colours if you want to look stylish while surfing.

How Much Do I Need To Spend?

Wetsuits don’t come cheap and if you go for a cheap one, you may be compromised on the quality. That said, if you can afford it, it’s advisable to get several different wetsuits for different months of the year. If you only have enough money for one wet suit, it’s probably better to buy a 3/4mm suit for year-round surfing. 

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